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October 2020 Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2020


Virtual Meeting began at 7:12pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Patrisha Dobbins, Joe Folsom

Approval of Minutes:

September Minutes approved as written

Administrator Report:

Review letter for annual meeting notice, will update and send out asap. Will plan to include a proposed 2021 budget, might be nice for transparency for those who may be interested.

15 members past due, outstanding dues owed = $6,462.60

24 non-members

Annual meeting will be via zoom invite to be communicated out.


See financial report for details:

Checking $14,713.23

Money Market $32.073.00

Total $46,786.23

Given pandemic situation with limited in-person meetings, all in favor for Lori to continue to sign checks in order to pay bills on time.

Lori has balanced proposed budget as close as possible.


Pool cover in poor condition, torn and falling apart. Bid from Elite for replacement estimated $6500. Includes a 10-yr, pro-rated warranty.

Much discussion regarding getting measurements and other bids. Rocky with Elite only works with one company as they have been great with him and his customers. Cover is not easy to replace, must be specific measurements given existing fasteners.

Joe motions to move forward with Rocky to replace pool cover.

Patrisha seconds, motion approved.


No update

Architectural Review Committee:

No Update


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Fall activities canceled due to Covid and upcoming Halloween

Website has been updated recently

Old Business:

Dave and Joe to follow up on USPS address, Google Fiber option

Metal signs to Crystal

Dave – updated by-laws/restrictions proposals

Retention pond letter from city inspector, again. Requests that we maintain property behind Pheasant. However, property presumed to be owned by Spurck (supported by title search from Kapke), NOT SWPOA.

Steve to ask Dean for all prior POA documents to support this, there may be a 6-page letter from lawyer-to-lawyer on this issue from many years ago.

Patrisha offered to look up case # if this has been to court before.

Steve – discussed restrictions with Kapke. Section 3 regarding how to amend: dates are not limiting, can amend them any time. There is no info available on authority to enforce.

New Business:



8:09 – Jessie motion to adjourn, Patrisha seconds


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