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Where do your dues go?

Hello and Welcome all current and prospective neighbors! The board is working on multiple projects and events. Below are some of the many items the board actively works on. Please join us for our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month or review the monthly meeting minutes to learn more about these topics.  


Pool Update and Repair

The board is actively working towards pool maintenance and repair. As most of you know, the cement decking was repaired in 2022. The bathrooms and pool house were treated for termite damage; and the pool pumps, pool furniture and pool cover were also replaced in 2022. A new exhaust fan was added as well in 2022.

Monument update/maintenance

Rock landscaping was done to the 2 smaller landscape entrances in 2021. Look for future updates and activities surrounding the entrance monuments in the coming years after pool updates are completed. These items could include community planting days, new planter boards/mulch at the large entrance, monument power washing, new paint, new lights. 

Outdoor Family Day

Community events

A neighborhood is only as strong as its community! Please check out the events calendar page for upcoming events. We're always open to new volunteers and fresh ideas! Contact us! 

Enforcement of association

by laws and regulations

The overall goal of the board is to protect member property values. This entails enforcing the neighborhood rules and regulations that were put into place when this neighborhood was established. Please see the rules and regulation page for more info. If you have an upcoming project on your property please submit an ARC review form. If you have a complaint about a violation of the rules or regulations, please fill out our contact form and a member of the board will investigate the complaint. The enforcement of the bylaws could incur court and/or attorney fees; along with taking time to process.

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