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April 2021 Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2021


Virtual Meeting began at 7:01 pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Patrisha Dobbins, Jackie Griffin, Paul Brooks

Guests: Preston Pruett, Ryan Wiebe, Matt Rodecap, Rachel Solberg, Andrea Hewitt, Wes, Allie

Approval of Minutes:

March Minutes reviewed. Paul motion to approve, Lori seconds - approved

Administrator Report:

183 lots have paid

Outstanding balance of $11,925 for 2021

Accountant has taxes, deadline 5/15/21

Received notice that we are due for backflow test by certified tester

· Has this previously been done by Mike Marra? Century Plumbing?

· Lori to follow up to see who


See financial report for details:

Total $58,470

Lengthy discussion regarding anticipated income and upcoming upgrades/updates/maintenance. Several project ideas discussed, prioritized.

Given pandemic situation with limited in-person meetings, all in favor for Lori to continue to sign checks in order to pay bills on time.


Purchased 3 new loungers

Picnic tables ok, have enough umbrellas for now

In the process of obtaining bids for paint and bathroom updates (fixtures, etc)

Need all new signage for pool area

Pool concrete, deck still crumbling. Should become more serious about getting quotes and a plan for resurfacing. Maybe this fall?

Need new baby pool cover, estimated $1000 expense.

Everyone in agreement for Evan to continue to do chemicals and clean up.

Paul motion to approve pool bathroom and sign upgrades, not to exceed $2000, not including pool cover. Patrisha seconds, motion approved.


Patrisha presented landscaping proposals for entrance monuments. Challenging to obtain bids as some companies don’t work with HOA/POA’s. Others would not provide a bid without defined budget.

Brummel gave excellent ideas, recommendations for upgrades itemized and bid per entrance/monument.

Lori motions to approve landscape upgrades to two smaller entrances (Little Blue and LS road) by Brummel, to include: tidy up existing plants, clean up old mulch, lay weed barrier fabric, install border and river rock, as soon as possible. No new plants installed. Jessie seconds, motion approved.

Architectural Review Committee:

No updates


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Would like to host at least one monthly social gathering. Most activities are intended for small children, would like to expand activities to be more inclusive.

Jackie to promote Neighborhood Garage Sale weekend

Some ideas include:

· Big pool opening party

· Fourth of July event

· Outdoor movie night

· Food truck night, morning coffee or breakfast gathering?

· Bordner event?

· Back to school event

· Fall gathering

Wes – offered a 15x15 bounce house for use at an event

Lori and Jessie to determine activities and dates, will reach out for volunteers to help if needed.

Old Business:

New Business:

Guest Ryan Wiebe shared proposal of new playground, presentation complete with drawing, layout, price quotes, financing options etc.

Much discussion regarding possibility, expenses, insurance etc. There may be grants available, Patrisha has offered to explore whether we qualify for those or not. She has researched grants for landscaping in the past, however we were not eligible due to income of neighborhood. Will table discussion for now while we continue to research and focus on upgrading current needs including pool and landscaping.

We very much appreciate Ryan’s time and effort in compiling this information!!


8:35 – Dave motion to adjourn, Paul seconds


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