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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2019


Meeting began at 7:03pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Don Roberts, Vanessa King, Steve Chess, Dave Reyburn, Crystal Page, Lori Meadors

Guest: Cliff Day

Approval of Minutes:

Jessie motions to approve,Lori seconds

Administrator/Treasurer Report:

See financial report discussed

The test date document for the pool was given to Jessie. Piac rejected for repairs sidewalk and curbs. Need to have more forms filled out. Two jointers need done. One is taking it to the bank the other needs husband signature. We had 4 returned certified mail. These where notification of back payment. Vanessa to file leans on people past due.. These are on lots 26,57,177,193.


Tiles done. Caulk pulled. Need re-caulked. Chemicals are in. Water just needs to warm up. Bathrooms need cleaned. Men’s room has no mirror. Need to inventory signs. Furniture needs to be put out. Plan to have inspection 1 week prior to opening. Putting an update on face book to try and get volunteers to get stuff out. Possible locked box to put lost keys.


Started work. Sprinkler not up yet due to rain. Mulch put at all entrances. Parks and Rec is supposed to check if it is the city that is supposed to mow the area by the entrance. Put on face book the 311 link so that people can put in complaints about the grass that needs to be mowed.

Architectural Review Committee:

Have not heard back from Breckenridge. Reyburn approval for paint. Solar panels, need to get a policy together. Don is going to talk to someone to try to get more information.


July 4th party, need volunteers. Thought of an adult party at pool for those 21 and over

Old Business:

Dues increase - lengthy discussions about upcoming, costly repairs and expenses.

Dave Reyburn put into motion to increase dues by 10% per year, for the next 5 years

Jessie seconded – all in favor, motion approved.


Motion to adjourn by Don at 8:18, second by Crystal.

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