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November 2018 (Annual) Meeting Minutes


Meeting began at 7:03pm

Attendance includes: Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Steve Chess, Doug McCrary, Jessie Hayles, Sandy Landau, Paul Brooks, Crystal Page, Guests (Lee’s)

Approval of Minutes:

Approved October minutes. Paul motion, Crystal seconds. Approved.

Administrator/Treasurer Report:

See financial report discussed

Account totals $38,619.55


Closed, locked and all plumbing winterized.

Stone on steps – moved out of the way

Consider getting hydraulic closure to pull gate closed

Inside pool house – irrigation system is flimsy and unstable, need to fix installation – consider Century Plumbing, they did original plumbing.


No updates.

Architectural Review Committee:

No updates

No updates Social/Website:

Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Fall Fest successful, although small turnout.

Consider getting Christmas decorations out of pool house to decorate monuments.

Old Business:

Fence repaired

Gate lock installed

Pool/concrete improvements

Wifi installed

Phone carrier

Pool keys

**All 2018 improvements within budget!

Discuss plan for notification of new pool keys, will plan to send monthly Facebook, website and email notifications. Will also hand out postcards as time nears. Keys will be available for pickup at each monthly meeting (March/April/May) IF dues are paid up to date.

Secretary of State:

State has recognized tax filing. Have received tax clearance statement.

Documents signed and sent to reinstate.

Awaiting approve for “good standing”.

Moving forward – this task should be assigned to accountant annually.

Plan to implement liens and other business once reinstated.

New Business:

After discussion regarding officer positions:· Don Roberts motions to elect Steve Chess to continue as President role for a 3yr term. Paul Brooks seconds motion – all in favor – APPROVED.

Jessie Hayles nominates Paul Brooks as Vice President for next term. Sandy Landau seconds – all in favor – APPROVED.

Minutes to reflect positions:

Steve Chess – President

Paul Brooks – Vice President

Lori Meador – Treasurer.

Crystal motions to change bank account access to all SWPOA accounts and PayPal as of 1/1/2019 to reflect officers on the board (listed above). Don Roberts seconds, all in favor – APPROVED.

Annual dues invoices to go out mid-December.

December meeting to include:

Defining roles and responsibilities·

Discuss 2019 budget

Pool card distribution


8:07pm motion to adjourn made by Doug seconded by Paul

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