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April 2018 Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018


Meeting began at 7:05pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Don Roberts, Vanessa King, Steve Chess, Doug McCrary, Crystal Page

Approval of Minutes:

Jessie motions to approve, Doug seconds

Administrator/Treasurer Report:

Not available

Lot 55 (7700 Brook Ct) is under contract and due for closing this week, however they are listed as owing $2,520. We are unable to find a joinder document or lien confirming that they are members, therefore no money will be collected at closing. New owners have agreed to sign joinder document at closing.


Doug contacted plumber re: irrigation system.

Contacted Elite to come out soon and check status of tiles. Pool needs to be drained and painted.

Mens restroom needs to be painted the week of May 5th, mirror also needs to be fixed.

Found 10 matching pool chairs in North KC, need to pick up.

Will continue with same pool key activation process as previous years.


No updates

Architectural Review Committee:

Letter sent about needed repairs. There are still 2 homes on Breckenridge that need to finish painting.


Spectrum wifi ($45/mo) and phone service ($30/mo) an option. There is a $100 activation fee, but no contract or disconnect fee. Will proceed with installation.

New phone number 816-214-5234

Crystal Page did a wonderful job organizing the Easter Egg Hunt, great turnout!

Pool opening party?

Old Business:

Secretary of State – paperwork filed on 4/4/18, should expect about 3 weeks before we hear anything.

Shaw Situation – After multiple attempts, Don was unable to make contact with Tom Degenhardt and therefore we have no records of original notary of joinder document. Back and forth discussion led to agreement for Doug to contact attorneys to see how to best proceed with situation.


Motion to adjourn by Don at 8:03, second by Steve.

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