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November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Wood Property Owners Association

Meeting Minutes Annual Meeting, November 14, 2017

Opening The meeting began at 7:02pm. Board Members Present: Robert Rives, Doug McCrary, Jessie Hayles, Paul Brooks, Don Roberts, Sandy Landau Approval of Minutes: Meeting minutes not available at this time, to be approved at next meeting. Treasurer Report: See financial report…  Debit card to be changed to come out of checking account rather than money market account.  Quickbooks to increase $35/monthly  Met with accountant, Vanessa to determine how detailed QB needs to be for tax purposes  $100/year to file taxes, plan for future budget  Doug to contact Julia Hampton (accountant) re: possible interest in administrator position, need to develop a job description Pool: Again discussed switching to Google phone/wifi for pool for 2018 year.  Paul – motion to approve Google, pending less than current AT&T expenses of $134/month o Doug second, motion approved

Board Positions: Jessie and Paul term expires, both renewed until 2020 Robert – resigned as president, effective in January 2018 Robert Rives nominated Don Roberts as board member, will remain chair of ARC.  Jessie second, motion approved Position still need to be filled – Treasurer, Secretary, President

Budget 2018 Considerations:  Replacement of laptop for pool key cards  Magnetic lock for gate

 Drain strip to be replaced on pool deck  Interior pool tile repair/replace  Mirror for bathrooms  Doug to purchase 9 more loungers Vanessa to propose 2018 budget and send out for approval. Continue discussion of increasing POA dues prior to June meeting. Old Business Fence: To be replaced on November 21-22 ARC: No updates Website: No updates Secretary of State: Awaiting accountant to file taxes… New Business: No new business

The next monthly meeting is December 12, at 7PM. Motion to adjourn by Paul, Doug seconds - meeting ended at 7:25pm.

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