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May 2021 Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2021


Virtual Meeting began at 7:07 pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Lori Meadors,

Patrisha Dobbins, Jackie Griffin, Dave Reyburn, Joe Folsom

Guests: Preston Pruett, Ryan Wiebe, Matt Rodecap, Daniel Haus, Jana Deshay,

Jennifer Chasser

Approval of Minutes:

April Minutes reviewed. Dave motion to approve, Lori seconds - approved

Administrator Report:

44 lots unpaid

Outstanding balance of $9,283 for 2021

Accountant has taxes, done and filed

Received notice that we are due for backflow test by certified tester – Mike Marra was

waiting for water to be turned back on, should be good to go.


See financial report for details:

Checking $3,149

Money Market $60,226

PO box renewed

Steve inquiring about capital improvement budget. $2700 allocated, not anticipating

large expense of pool decking for this year, but not sure how long we can put it off.

Given pandemic situation with limited in-person meetings, all in favor for Lori to continue

to sign checks in order to pay bills on time.

Lori requesting that all correspondence regarding specific board issues and inquiries be

all-inclusive of the board members for transparency. Concerned that the privacy of

individual emails may cause gaps in communication and create issues.


Last month Jessie was given budget of $3000 for pool bathroom upgrades. However,

termites were discovered in the bathrooms and have since created a bigger issue.

Received bids from exterminators, with option to “spot treat” only problem area for half

the cost. However, they recommend treating both buildings to prevent migration.

Everyone in favor of treating the entire premise ($950). Should last 8-10 years.

Before exterminators will treat (drill into concrete), they need a mapping of underground

plumbing so they don’t drill into pipes. Multiple unsuccessful attempts to obtain

blueprints, building records/permits or plans from the city, county and from previous

board member, Dean Allen. Unable to locate any.

Jessie has arranged a plumber to come out in the morning to map the area ($250).

Broken window in women’s restroom – replacement $458, and will need installation.

Paint bids obtained, will cost $1000

Lori has ordered new signs for the pool area, should be delivered this weekend.

Need new baby pool cover, estimated $1000 expense.

Rocky has filled the pools, hoping for warm weather to raise the water temp!

Will schedule inspection with health dept when he’s ready.

Everyone in agreement for Evan to continue to do chemicals and clean up.

Jessie expressed difficulty in coordinating maintenance contractors in regards to

meeting to let them into the pool gate. The Lock Doctor sells keychain size key fobs for

our lock system, $65/10 pack. They do not sell individually. These can be provided to

pool company, sprinker guy, lawn mowers, plumbers etc.

Lori motion to approve $65 purchase of 10 key fobs for maintenance workers. Dave

seconds, all in favor. Motion approved.

Jessie motions to approve necessary expenses related to termite treatment and

bathroom updates as previously planned. Patrisha seconds, all in favor. Motion


Brief discussion of pros/cons of cameras at the pool. Cost and quality vary widely.

Would it actually deter vandalism? What repercussions? Who would monitor? Etc.

Dave has already done a lot of research, will review and discuss again later. Table idea

for now.


Patrisha has quote from Brummel for $4,789,69 to include two monuments: clean up,

trimming, fabric, edging and river rock. They are booking 60 days out.

Steve voiced concern of price of river rock compared to his research, unsure how

“deep” we should have it. Since we were unable to get bids from other companies, we

have no professional comparison. Jackie states she had her personal flower bed

transitioned to river rock and believes this quoted price is very reasonable compared to

what she paid. All in favor of Patrisha signing contract and scheduling project start


Architectural Review Committee:

2 requests for paint, approved with appropriate colors.

Has reached out on Facebook and email to inquire about neighbors’ opinions on

outbuildings, in preparation for potentially modifying DoR’s in the future. Just letting

neighbors express their thoughts on the subject. No decisions will be made for quite

some time.

Next topic to address will be fences.


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Discussed tentative schedule of social events/activities. Would like to pick dates for a

few so that they can be included in an upcoming newsletter and promoted on website.

Would like to plan various activities including an outdoor movie night, a big pool party,

food truck evening and a coffee/donuts morning. Trying to expand activities to be more

inclusive of different ages/interests.

Patrisha volunteered to take over website duties from Jessie (YAY!!!).

Jackie to promote Neighborhood Garage Sale weekend.

Old Business:

Last month, Ryan Wiebe presented elaborate plans for playground proposal. He has

done much more work to adjust plans to be more budget friendly. Examples include

reducing cost of installation and using wood mulch vs rubber. He estimates cost to be

roughly $55-59k. with approx $1000 annual maintenance for mulch. This price would

include retaining wall, fence, fabric, mulch and playground equipment.

He also contacted the insurance company and states will increase by $715/year.

Discussed options to financially make this work, one-time assessment? Fund-raiser?

Private donations? Grants?

Patrisha explored grant options, which are limited given upper-middle class

neighborhood with many playgrounds within 10-mile radius. However, there may be

some financial assistance for handicap or foster children. May consider reaching out to

neighbors to see if this is a valid option. Still more research to do at this point.

It is very difficult to determine whether this is a feasible project to move forward on given

unknown expense with pool decking, which will be a large/expensive upgrade in the

next few years.

Ryan offered to get some quotes from contractors on cost of resurfacing pool deck. Not

sure whether it is advised to resurface the entire deck at once? Or only sections in bad

condition. This may help determine if and how to move forward with playground plans.

Seems financially doable without the large expense of resurfacing the pool.

New Business:

Steve mentioned trying to find a new place to have in-person meetings as long as no

one is opposed. Will explore the new Mid-Continent Library as they have meeting

rooms available and are scheduled to open soon. May consider moving monthly

meetings there in the future given unknown status of TMC availability due to COVID.


8:45 – Dave motion to adjourn, Jackie seconds


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