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February 2021 Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2021


Virtual Meeting began at 7:03pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Patrisha Dobbins, Jackie Griffin, Dave Reyburn, Paul Brooks, Joe Folsom

Guest: James Trout

Approval of Minutes:

January Minutes reviewed and approved with changes discussed

Administrator Report:

So far, 146 lots have paid dues.

Outstanding dues: $26,056.53

Discussion to link current dues spreadsheet to website for public view. Determined would be too time consuming.

Discussed verbiage of lien documents, rather than saying “$180 per year…” wording should be “until dues are current” or “once dues are paid in full”.


See financial report for details:

Total $51,709.19

All deposits are going into money market account due to higher interest rates.

Pool permits and cover are paid for.

Given pandemic situation with limited in-person meetings, all in favor for Lori to continue to sign checks in order to pay bills on time.


New cover installed – paid for


Steve to sign new contract for lawn maintenance

Architectural Review Committee:

Restrictions: will auto renew in 2025. We can suggest changes from now until 12/31/2023. Dave suggests meeting for restriction votes.

Need to determine details, how/when to vote: Do we need majority of homeowners to vote? Do they need to be physically present to vote??

Joe interprets By-Laws as: needing 10% of lot owners to make changes.

Patrisha recommends a link to live google doc to show progress of restrictions as suggestions or changes are discussed.


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Old Business:

New Business:

Guest James Trout inquiring about owner of corner lot. Would like to draft letter asking if SWPOA or neighbors can mow/maintain and utilize for recreational purposes until property is officially sold.


7:44 – Jessie motion to adjourn, Lori seconds


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