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February 2020 Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2020


Meeting began at 7:03pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Dave Reyburn, Crystal Page, Lori Meadors

Guests: Joe Folsom, Patricia Dobbins, Jackie Griffin, Brad Epperly

Approval of Minutes:

Dave motion to approve October minutes with amendment to disregard Crystal’s resignation, she would like stay active on the board. Lori seconds. Minutes approved.

Guests Joe, Patricia and Jackie would like to volunteer to be board members. After brief introductions, all in favor of welcoming new members!

Administrator Report:

Total amount of outstanding dues as of 1/31/2020 = $29,642

Mr Oakman paid dues, but has no joinder on file. Discussion regarding how to handle his payment, cash vs refund. Steve to reach out and clarify with homeowner.

Joinders have been signed by replatted lots 139, 150, 101

Lien release for lot 26, majority of owed dues were paid, still owes $222


See financial report – Elite has an outstanding $800 check

Discussed 2020 budget – noted to have approx $4000 more expenses than expected receipts. Jessie motions to approve budget. Dave seconds. Motion passed.


Steve is working on getting blueprint of pool, concern for concrete construction to damage existing pipe/lines.

Steve will discuss with Elite (Matt Maynard) how critical concrete work is for this year. Do we risk health department citation for crumbling concrete??

Crystal motions to continue with Elite for pool maintenance and Evan Hayles for daily chemical checks and clean up for same reimbursement rate. Jackie seconds. Motion passed.


All in agreeance for Mike Perne to continue with mowing.

Lori volunteers to bring proposal for landscaping ideas to the next meeting.

Architectural Review Committee:

Request for low deck, plans submitted and approved

Solar panel requested, plans have not yet been submitted, pending approval


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Nothing planned at this time

Old Business:

New Business:


8:30pm – Adjourn

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