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August 2019 Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2019

Opening: Meeting began at 7:04pm

Attendance includes: Steve Chess, Jessie Hayles, Lori Meadors, Vanessa King, Dave Reyburn, Crystal Page

Guests: Radell Oakman, Dean Allen, Mr & Mrs Russell

Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved.

Administrator Report: Historical board roster updated. Sandy Landau’s position is now vacant, currently need 2 board members.

Treasurer: See full report

Checking acct as of 7/30 $24,909.08 Money Market Acct as of 7/30 $22,533.68

Total $47,442.76

Question on Elite Pool bill – Lori to call and clarify what is owed.

General liability insurance is due in September.

Still unsure if check #1645 cleared – Lori/Vanessa to investigate.

Pool: Pool set to close on 9/9/2019, Elite aware.

Discussion regarding recent pool pranks. Furniture in pool 3 times in the past 2 weeks, no significant damage but nuisance. Considering security cameras as previously discussed multiple times. Several different opinions and suggestions on this.

Dave Reyburn and Dean Allen to research options.

Steve volunteered to get bids to repair/redo concrete around pool deck. He will get bids from Elite Pool, Swim things and look for another option.

Landscaping: Complaints re: landscape at the LS road entrances. Needs cleaned up; Steve agrees to contact Green Acres to maintain this.

Architectural Review Committee: No updates

Social/Website: Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Bordner Event was a great turnout and lots of fun! DJ Dave did a great job! Hoping it was worth Bordner’s time and effort, we appreciated the food and fun! No other updates at this time.

Old Business: None

New Business: Guest Radell Oakman has spoken with Rayna Shaw, recently voted onto city council, regarding the poor state of our curbs and streets. Recommend as many people as we can get to fill out PIAC forms and attend the meeting on August 20th at 6pm. Vanessa agrees to attend meeting on behalf of SWPOA.

Re: PIAC, Lori has discovered that our neighborhood has been rejected for 38 PIAC requests in 2017. She has emailed regarding sidewalks for safety purposes along LS road ad Woods Chapel. Hoping to get some attention to our neighborhood requests at the meeting.

Trail Ridge Renters – home is poorly maintained; however, Christmas lights were finally removed. Discussion to sent a letter to renters as well as homeowner. Letter to lawyers if necessary.

Also – In efforts to maintain property values, it was suggested to start sending letters to homes needing upkeep. Letter has been drafted, will bring a copy to next meeting for approval.

Adjourn: 7:57 – Adjourn

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