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July 2019 Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2019


Meeting began at 7:03pm

Attendance includes: Steve Chess, Jessie Hayles, Paul Brooks, Sandy Landau, Lori Meadors, Vanessa King, Don Roberts

Guests: Cliff Day, Alicyn Bounds

Approval of Minutes:

Steve motion to approve minutes, Paul seconds

Administrator Report:

4 liens filed for lots 26, 57, 177, 193

Joinders filed

Several properties identified as Non-Members – Per historical report from previous board member Dean Allen:

Developer platted neighborhood phase 1 as part of SWPOA. Phase 2, 3, & 4 were left out, until he realized the mistake when building phase 5. At that time, all (vacant) properties that had NOT yet been sold, were platted in as members, while the remaining homes required a joinder. This accounts for several questionable statuses.

There are still 5 homes (lots 61, 135, 149, 175, 188) that will need to sing a joinder for next pool season.

Outstanding dues total $9,544.60

Received a letter from attorneys re: Secretary of State due. Lori to email and clarify fees, renew for 2 years if possible.


See full report

Checking acct as of 6/31 $26,056.98

Money Market Acct as of 6/31 $22,695.10

Total $48,752.08

Spectrum bill fixed after phone call from Jessie. Will continue current rate for the next 12 months.

So far, phone/internet bill is over budget.

Pool/capital improvement budget is under, as we had anticipated cameras but have not yet moved forward with this. Still have several capital improvements to look into.

Water bill was high, sprinkler was left on, or programming error.

Lori/Vanessa to investigate if check #1645 cleared, it was deposited and returned on 3/19, need to see if it ever cleared.


Unannounced inspection resulted in multiple violations:

  • Emergency phone was not working. Jessie contacted Spectrum, who has since fixed the issue with no charge.

  • Need lifeline rope installed prior to next season, as required for pools deeper than 5ft, ours is 5’6”. Rocky with Elite pool aware and will take care of this.

  • Required chemical checks twice daily, this has not been done for the past several years. This is outlined in KC regulations for swimming pools. Bid from Elite was $70/day to come and check twice daily. Paul motions to pay $70/week for Evan Hayles to check chemicals, take out trash, tidy restrooms, and maintain overall issues and appearance. Don seconds this motion – all approved. Evan to submit invoice for work beginning on 7/14.


Sprinklers were programmed incorrectly, fixed by Mike Marra.

Architectural Review Committee:

A couple of complaints have been received re: Christmas lights hanging off the front of a home. Occupants are renters, Don to contact owners of home regarding violation.

Re: previous discussions on solar panels – agree to address the issue as requests arise. Cliff works for roofing company, strongly advises against them as he has personally seen significant roofing damage as a result of panels.


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Fourth of July Parade was a success, great turnout!

No other updates at this time.

New Business:

Sandy Landau is moving out of the neighborhood, and has served almost 10 years as board member for SWPOA – she will be missed!! Thank you for your participation through the years!

Andy Crocker is also moving, will no longer be available to help with pool committee duties.

Re: PIAC, Lori has discovered that our neighborhood has been rejected for 38 PIAC requests in 2017. She has emailed regarding sidewalks for safety purposes along LS road ad Woods Chapel. We currently have 14 outstanding requests for pothole repair that has been unresolved since March.


7:58 – Paul motion to adjourn, Lori seconds.

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