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March 2019 Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2019


Meeting began at 7:02pm

Attendance includes: Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Steve Chess, Jessie Hayles, Sandy Landau, Don Roberts, Dave Reyburn

Guests: Heath Lenahan, Mr. Mrs. Binning

Approval of Minutes:

Approved February minutes.

Administrator/Treasurer Report:

See financial report discussed

Account totals $55,508.61

Released Lien on Lot 117

Letters sent to all properties over 3 yrs delinquent with notice that lien may be placed.

No responses so far. Will plan to file liens May 1st if payments not received.

Hasan still wants to sign joinder, Vanessa to contact and handle this.

Suggestion from a guest to look into switching accounts from Commerce Bank to a place with higher interest rates. Vanessa agrees and will look into options.


Pool key distribution has begun.

# of tiles broken last year was excessive. Still plan for spring maintenance with Elite.


Discussion re: new bids to include sprinkler care.

Previous bid received and approved, will move forward with Green Acres for maintenance and Mike Marra for sprinkler.

Architectural Review Committee:

New fence application approved.

Discussion re: solar panels. Heath (guest) is a KCP&L employee, recommends we remain compliant with city ordinance per fire dept standards. Also consider allowing only roof mounted panels, not ground panels. Good discussion topic should we get neighbors questioning.


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Easter Egg Hunt planning underway

Vanessa suggestion to give small business owners opportunity to sponsor events to off-set expenses and help promote businesses. Details discussed. Include offered to members in good-standing only. $50 per sponsor. 1-4 sponsors per event. Submit application, may need to do a drawing if multiple applications received. Must be approved by the board.

Old Business:



8:09 - motion to adjourn.

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