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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Opening: Meeting began at 7:02pm

Attendance includes: Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Steve Chess, Jessie Hayles, Sandy Landau, Don Roberts, Crystal PageGuests: Dean Allen and Dave Reyburn

Approval of Minutes: Approved November minutes.

Administrator/Treasurer Report: See financial report discussed

Account totals $38,619.55

Decision to continue to pay regular monthly bills, even if no meeting is held that month.

Annual dues invoices sent out.

Will send letter of invitation to non-members with option to sign a joinder.

PO Box application needs to be filled out, will have Lori Meadors home address for formality. Discussed annual budget, included significant allowance for capital improvements.

Jessie motion to approve proposed 2019 budget, Crystal second, all in favor. Approved

Pool: No updates

Landscaping:No updates

Architectural Review Committee:No updates

Social/Website:Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Regarding Facebook: if people have questions regarding policies or procedures, encourage them to address their concerns in person at the next meeting, or contact a board member directly for urgent issues.

Old Business: Secretary of State in good standing – update bank account to reflect appropriate officers.

Adjourn:8:00 - motion to adjourn.

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