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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2018


Meeting began at 7:07pm

Attendance includes: Vanessa King, Steve Chess, Doug McCrary, Crystal Page, Paul Brooks, Sandy LandauGuest: Lori Meadors, Poly Magic Representative

Approval of Minutes:

Approved April minutes, no May meeting.

Guest Agenda: Poly Magic is a company that lifts concrete they are wanting to see about fixing concrete in the neighborhood, possibly cheaper if many people want to do it. It was stated that the city is responsible for taking care of sidewalks. Efforts with photos sent to the city in the past about gutters and sidewalks, request denied. Will distribute PolyMagic contact information

Administrator/Treasurer Report:

See financial report discussed

Stated that the spectrum get bill goes to the PO Box. And wanted to verify that regular reoccurring bill should be paid even if there is no meeting. That was agreed upon. Doug had receipts for pool that were turned in.

Checks to be written to the lawyer and Doug.

$25 was collected from Cathy Sukaromya at lot 202 for replacement pool card.Outstanding balances of dues statement will be sent.

Lot 41 shows past due for a 2015 but Vanessa shows paid. Lot 117 is a foreclosure property.

Lori Meaders was in attendance wanted to get back on the board. Doug nominated Lori as treasurer seconded by Sandy Landau.


Valve at the pool house is fixed. Will need a pool chair-person as of December, discussion of possibly splitting between Jessie and Andy Crocker.

Problems with the current locking system at the pool and proms with the gate not working. New system would be magnetic, would have a new pool card and it would be cloud-based. Have a bid on the locking system ($4,427.61 from The Lock Doctor) hoping to get a second bid. Also have estimates on cameras for pool.

Getting estimates to fix the deck after pool closing - need to re-caulk around the top of the pool after closing.


Waiting for monument to be fixed, need to water the flowers manually until fixed.

Architectural Review Committee: No news.


New phone number 816-214-5234

Lori agrees to organize 4th of July parade, ice cream truck on June 30th

Pool party on June 24th with Sandy. Paul to provide canopy.

Old Business:

Secretary of State – Legal is working with the accountant to get the state taxes filed for reinstatement. Will possibly have to refile All liens.

Motion was brought up by Crystal page to have the lien removed from the Shaw house allow them to sign a joinder and pay the $180.00. Will pay dues annually from now on, motion second by Sandy Landau. Motion approved.

Vanessa will get joinder signed and collect dues and a pool key will be issued at that time.

Vanessa propose to get rid of the online QuickBooks. That was approved.


2033 motion to adjourn made by Paul seconded by Doug

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