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September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Wood Property Owners AssociationMeeting MinutesSeptember 12, 2017OpeningThe meeting began at 7:02pm.

Board Members Present: Robert Rives, Doug McCrary, Jessie Hayles, Paul Brooks, Steve Chess, Don Roberts

Approval of Minutes:The minutes of the meeting were approved, Paul made a motion to approve, and it was seconded by Doug.

Treasurer Report: Payments were being made to the following:$293.75 Administrator Fee$103.84 AT&T phone bill$395 Green Acres lawn care/landscaping$77 Water at monument$777 Water at Pool$825 KCPL Monuments$1629.23 Elite Pool$45.06 Robert (copies for PIAC)Checking Balance is $30,290Money Market Account $24,782

Pool: Elite Invoice for $1,679.23 - consistent with previous years’ expenses. Pool is closed. Doug powerwashed chairs/loungers before storing them away. Plumbing still needs to be dismantled. Plan to replace PVC drain strip on pool deck prior to opening next year. Doug to investigate public pools re: contrasting colors on pool step.

Old Business

Fence:Doug to contact Harold to see if he would be willing to help coordinate fence replacement. Will ask neighbors if they are interested in replacing their section at the same time. Their firewood pile would need to be moved prior to fence construction. Landscaping: Steve to coordinate a time to winterize irrigation system.

ARC: Don proposed plan of action with process of approaching neighbors who’s property needs attention. Letter submitted with discussion on sequence of actions when approaching a neighbor. Website:

Website is launched, up and running. Leah can modify or update monthly. Will ask her to remove phone numbers and addresses of board/committee members. Still have open positions, need treasurer. Jessie to work on newsletter.

Secretary of State:

Secretary of State Re-instatement Application – State has received, awaiting their review. There is nothing new to report at this time, no time frame known.

New Business:

PIAC meeting on Friday 8/11, Robert in attendance. Presentation went well, he received confirmation that request was received. Also mentioned need for stop sign for intersection of Breckenridge and 76th street – city survey did a traffic study x5 hours, report that there is not enough traffic to warrant a stop sign. Will ask about a yield sign.

The next monthly meeting is October 10, at 7PM. The meeting ended at 7:50pm.

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