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August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Wood Property Owners AssociationMeeting MinutesAugust 8, 2017OpeningThe meeting began at 7:10pm.

Board Members Present: Robert Rives, Doug McC

rary, Jessie Hayles, Paul Brooks, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Sandy Landau, Don Roberts and guests: Anthony and Renee Lee

Approval of Minutes:The minutes of the meeting were approved, Doug made a motion to approve, and it was seconded by Vanessa. Note* speed limit signs are present at entrances.

Website:Leah Morgan addressed the new website issue. She learned our current web host “Network Solutions” we cannot access, as we do not seem to have the proper passwords. We are awaiting information from them for the reset. The renewal is $75 a year or $305 for 5 years. It appears this company has been farmed out to a 3rd party. See the attached document regarding further information regarding our website status. Steve Chess recommended we give them one more chance to renew to keep the current URL until Friday, close of business or we would open a new webpage.

ARC:Guest homeowner Kristi Fisher presented to the ARC Committee paint color and materials to be used to refresh the exterior of their home. Her request was approved by the board.7741Teal Place – is asking the ARC to approve their new deck improvement. Board approved.Discussion was held regarding the PPG paint color book. A draft letter is forthcoming regarding future requests and use of this book.

Treasurer Report: Payments were being made to the following:$293.75 Administrator Fee$16.96 Reimbursement to Vanessa for postage$47.60 Michelle Lee for 4th of July Parade$45.74 Kerri McCoart for 4th of July Parade$103.88 AT&T phone bill$260 Green Acres lawn care/landscaping$67.37 Water at monument$951.45 Water at Pool$830.10 KCPL Monuments & PoolChecking Balance is $28,727.15Money Market Account $24,884.11 The bank provided a credit card for funds from this account, this needs to be switched to come out of checking acct. QuickBooks is coming together, no tool available to help with budgeting. Vanessa is having a hard time going back for historic expenses. Will only enter 2-3yrs worth as all other records are on paper. Debit card – discussion regarding approval process. Doug motioned for all debit card purchases to be sent via email request to president, if approved, president will forward approval to administrator. Paul seconds.

Pool: Elite Invoice for $1,724.88 - consistent with previous years’ expenses. Doug met with electrician for timers for lights in the pool at night. Timers set for 9:30p-3a. Breaker was replaced. Vandalism incident, rock thrown at mirror in mens restroom, mirror shattered. Considering replacement with polished metal that is more difficult to break. Inspection incident, health inspector showed up shortly after Elite treated with chemicals, therefore levels showed unsafe. Elite admitted to over-treating in anticipation of upcoming rain. Inspector left a sign without notifying Elite or Doug. Re-inspected the next morning and re-opened. Elite agreed to pay the $100 fine. Pool will close 9/11. Things to consider for next year – plastic drain on pool deck will need replaced. Bench needs contrasting color on face. Doug to investigate ordinance on this…

Old BusinessFence:Insurance adjustor needs 2 bids. Elite bid has been submitted, need one more to get fence replaced.

Historical Board Details:Everyone reviewed current positions and expiration dates, all approve. Will update on new website.

Website:Leah is ready to launch. Board agreed that 2yrs worth of minutes should be sufficient to have on website for access. All in agreement to do the cheapest route for website, even if that means changing the web address.

Secretary of State: Secretary of State Re-instatement Application – State has received, awaiting their review. There is nothing new to report at this time, no time frame known.

New Business:PIAC meeting on Friday 8/11. Robert and others will be there to represent SWPOA, with prepared presentation on behalf of the neighborhood. Jessie to email letter to neighbors requesting that they contact 5th district councilpersons regarding requests for curb improvement.

The next monthly meeting is September 12th, at 7PM. The meeting ended at 8:30pm, it was recommended by Robert, seconded by Paul Brooks

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