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March 2017 Meeting Minutes



MARCH 14, 2017


SWPOA meeting was called to order at 7:05 Tuesday March 14, 2017 at TMC Lakewood Campus in the 1st floor community room.

Board members present:

Robert Rives, Sandy Landau, Vanessa King, Paul Brooks, Steven Chess, Jessica Hayles, Mel Longwith (admin).

Absent: Doug McCrary.

Approval of minutes: There was an address that was missing another number that was replaced, spelling of 2 words which was redone and put on new sheets. New business was 5th district that was changed. Re-wording of the bike rack in the budget. Motion to pass- Steven and Paul second, all in favor.

Status Overview (Robert and Doug)

REGARDING THE DETENTION PONDS: See attached email from Doug------Steven would like clarification on a firm price on title search. Paul made a motion for the title company to research up to $500.00, second by Vanessa, all in favor.

Administrator report: The overview of bank statements. Still needing to be added Vanessa to the banking to set up quick books and get full up-date on the banking statements. Quick books is $21 a month and this requires a credit card/ debit card on file to have added to the account. Vanessa makes a motion to look move forward for quick books, Paul seconds. Discussion in April meeting to get budget approved. Vanessa and Mel plan to meet to discuss proper rolls.

Committee Updates:

POOL: maintenance of the pool—missing tiles, repair of the fence that blew down from the last storm. Pricing was about $4800.00. Discussion of fixing the fence to put the prettier side directed towards the pool side. Paul will look into pricing.

Landscape: getting bids for mowing. Mokan was the company that mowed before and discussion for finding a company to do all SWPOA needs.


Vanessa is asking for approval for a fence to be put in for address 15700 e 76th St regarding a rock wall and the back of the yard. A wood fence can’t be put in due to the rock wall. They need to get a bid for a steel fence. Vanessa will send photos to board and ask for anyone to go look and get back the board. Brian Kieser asking for approval to have a deck replaced which Vanessa approved. A resident asked about getting solar panels for their roof. Board discussed a conversation regarding this issue and possibly having Kapke looking into the bi-laws on clarity regarding these type of issues and getting a firm ARC. Our guest Don Roberts ( email ) phone number 816-797-5541 is wanting to chair ARC.


Allie McDowell is asking to chair this seat, phone number 815-295-2874.


Jessi has someone that will be willing to chair this. Leah Morgan. We need Domain name and host for the website and Dwight needs to teach the new person.

Old Business:

Secretary of state application needs check to be signed.

New Business:

Dough has been doing research to attend one of our meeting to discuss an 8 million dollar bond issue that needs to be past. An email was sent to Robert and broken down to to 3 issues…..roads and bridges and sidewalks, animal shelter. Doug did a formula for the next 20 years with no increase in property tax you are looking at a $10500.00 proposed to for 241 properties would be an increase of 25 million dollars in property tax for the next 20 years. It would be a burden for our home owners. Robert thought the city would come and fix all the sidewalks and just the ones that are bad, but don’t have 25 million in bad sidewalks. In proprietary they say that it would take care of all the sidewalks from here to end of time. The property owner is responsible for their sidewalks and the city can come in and say they have 60-90 days to fix your sidewalks. At that time the city can come back and say you haven’t fixed your sidewalk, we are going to fix it for you and access that cost against your taxes.

Jessica asked if we have a plan to reach the non-members and invite them to re-sign as a member. Asked if there is a standardized format to handle non-member. Vanessa will make a list on non-members.

Next meeting is April 11, 2017

8:35 p.m. Motion to adjourn ,Steven second, all in favor.

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