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February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Wood Property Owners Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes February 15/2017

Opening: SWPOA meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. on Wednesday 2/15/2017 at TMC Lakewood Campus in the 1 st floor community room. Board members present: Attendance- Robert Rives, Vanessa King, Sandy Landau, Steven Chess, Doug Mc Carry, Mel Longwith (admin) Absent- Jessie Hales, Paul Brooks. Approval of minutes: There were mistakes done on the January 10, 2017 minutes. Corrections were made and the revised minutes were sent out that night to Board members. Approval of minutes and motion was made by Doug and second by Vanessa. All in favor. Status Overview- Robert and Doug met with Law Firm Kapek. Kapek works with over 200 HOA’s and can assist in issues regarding SWPOA. Could use them for issues with non-member letter, delinquent memberships, liens, late fee’s and possible increase on dues. Side note-- - Resident Vernon Allen is disputing ownership of land in SWPOA that has a $1000.00 charge for mowing. A discussion was brought up that Joe Willits and George (Kapek Law firm) could do a title search on this property. Property in question is 1620 Little Blue, 7800 Lee’s Summit and 225 E South Douglas rd. Robert wants research done on this property and to have SWPOA name taken off if SWPOA doesn’t own the property. Robert asked Sandy to look into a head count for how many liens. Administrator- Needing to get the responsibilities for both Mel and Vanessa on the roles that we are taking. Proposed budget….Attorney’s fees went from $150.00 to $2000.00, P.O. box is good, Lien fees $275.00 down to $125.00, activities $800.00 which is down by $200.00, misc $200.00, Welcoming committee $500.00 telephone is up from $350.00 to $400.00, electricity the same at $3200.00, water pool- monument $8400.00 which is up from $8000.00, pool permits is up to $850.00 from $655.00, pool opening/maintenance/closing was $6500.00 and we are proposing $7700.00, pool furniture $1000.00 down from last year $5000.00 due to the spending of new chairs etc, pool insurance up to $3100.00 form 2015 it was at $2100.00, landscape in 2015 was $5947.50 and 2016 it was $6000.00 and proposed for 2017 $6500.00, sprinkler maintenance for 2015 was $170.00 2016 was $95.00 for 2017 budget it’s proposed to be $135.00 and MISC stayed the same at $1500.00. The big jump was the landscape due to planting all the trees and etc around the pool. Doug has a bid from ELITE for $7680.00 which matches last year’s bid opening and closing (May-Sept). Doug would like to be put in the budget a bike rack bat

$500.00. We can take out of the MISC budget. Look into biding out for Board liability Insurance. Currently we are proposed for 2017 at $3100.00. We are getting bids for mowing and pool maintenance. We got a credit from AT&T for the amount of $106.10. Doug makes a motion to all changes and Robert seconds it, all in favor of proposed budget. Vanessa talked about getting Quick books to make the banking a lot easier. One user is $10.00 a month and up to 3 users and possibly at a cost of $250.00 yearly. Need to get an audit done. Committee updates- Robert made a motion to keep Elite Pool, Sandy second it. The bid from Elite we should take it $7648.00. Mowing contract 2017, need map for all areas for mowing. Architectural- table this. Activities/social- table this Website- Robert talked to Stephanie Kush for possible help. We need further communication. Sandy talked email blast and or SWPOA Face book page for communication with news and yearly dues. Old Business- nothing yet New business-Doug getting thoughts on asking our State Representative to come to our March meeting to discuss the 8 million dollar property tax general obligation bond to be voted on. Open up discussion for WIFI at the pool and the steps to make that happen, possibly a code given out with the pool card being activated. Get info from Google Fiber for a hot spot just for the pool.

Next Meeting March 14 th , 2017 8:35p.m. Motion made by Robert second by Sandy

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