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January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Woods Property Owners Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes January 10, 2017

Opening: The regular meeting of the Summit Woods Property Owners Association (SWPOA) was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on January 10,2017 at Truman Medical Center Lakewood, in the 1 st floor Truman conference room in Kansas City, Missouri.

Board and committee members present: Robert Rives, Vanessa Dale, Doug McCrary,Jessica Hales, Mel Longwith (administrator). Absent: Eric Hallerud, Paul Brooks and Sandy Landau. Approval of Minutes: Robert Rives re-did Mel Longwith’s Dec minutes due to many mistakes, so the board members got about 5 minutes to review before going on. Doug McCray made a motion, Jessica Hales second: motion carries. Expenses of Agenda: Went over the bills and Doug looked into the AT&T bill. We were able to get a credit. Committee Updates: POOL: Doug is working with Dwight tom be trained on the key card system. LANDSCAPE: A SWPOA map is needed to scope out areas that need to be mowed. ARCHITECTURAL: Need to start a discussion with PBG and get a committee together for this. ACTIVITIES/SOCIAL: the is a 3% increase this year for pool chemicals which need to go into the budget. Vanessa will be brining the New budget to the Feb meeting. Things to be added are: clean up, new tile and a bike rack. The budget currently is $1000.00. WEBSITE: Doug will be working with Dwight. OLD BUSINESS: Have not heard from the Secretary of State.

Doug McCrary shared that he checked the pool permit (valid until 12/31/2015) and pool company (Elite) and all sources agree that the pool can remain open until 9/13/2015. Eric Hallerud suggested we contact our insurance carrier to verify our policy was still in effect. Robert Rives also suggested that we speak with Elite about getting a credit on our invoice for their role in partially draining the pool requiring a refill of water and chemicals to bring it back to safe swimming limits. The board voted to move the discussion to release the current administrator to an executive closed session. Doug nominated, Vanessa Dale second. Regular board meeting adjourned at 8:0 05 p.m.

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