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April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Woods Property Owners Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

April 11,2017


The regular meeting of the Summit Woods Property Owners Association (SWPOA) was called to order at 7:05 p.m. on April 11,, 2017 at Truman Medical Center Lakewood, in the 1st floor Truman conference room in Kansas City, Missouri.

Board and committee members present:

Robert Rives, Doug McCrary, Vanessa King, Sandy Landau, Jessie Hales, Paul Brooks, Steven Chess. Several guests were in attendance.

Leah Morgan is a neighbor who manages a website for small business. She has met with Dwight to get necessary information and agrees responsibility for the SWPOA website. She introduced a new website format (“WIX”) which is very user friendly and she has offered to make any change we need in a timely manner. She is willing to share password and teach others how to use if we prefer. Dwight passed on to teach Leah an invoice stating we still owe $120 to the current owner of the website host, for the past two year’s use. Need to cancel this. Cost for WIX is $306 for 3 years, more than the previous site charges, but this format is much more simplified. Needs debit/credit card to pay for the new host.

Paul – motion to approve WIX website as provider for $306 for 3 years and for Leah to manage.

Doug – seconds. All in favor.

Approval of minutes:

To change amount to 800 million, correct the spelling in Doug’s name, new business section a word was spelled wrong, changes to be made.

Paul makes a motion to approve w/ corrections and Vanessa seconds. All in favor.

Status overview:

Kapke- to correctly identify who owns the basins for the water retention ponds. If SWPOA owns it, it’s a billing issue for mowing. If SWPOA doesn’t own it then we need to reach out to who does or have Kapke do a title search. Hopefully know by May meeting who the owner is regarding the South corner of Lees Summit Rd and Woods Chapel.

Treasurer Report:

Quick Books is up to date on dues. Treasurer does not have any info to give out regarding check book and money market report. Still working on the budget and is not 100% completed. Robert noted we are basically working from 2016 budget figures and we are operating over budget. On May meeting to discuss raising Dues by 10% in July. Suggestions for lowering budget is to have welcoming committee work on free stuff. SWPOA ran on the red last year. Doug is working on a long term projection on when possible expense will increase to keep all in the loop. Still the discussion on homeowners that don’t pay their Dues. Vanessa will run a report on who hasn’t paid yet!

Checking account total is $24884.50

Money market account is $25516.47

Robert asked that if a person gets a reimbursement we need a completed document showing receipts to go along with a check to be issued.


Pool- A bill for $258.00 needs to be paid for the draining of the baby pool. . Recent storms have knocked down the fence around the pool. Paul got bids for replacing of the fence. Some bids are 4150.00, 4270.00 and Mokan was 4480.00 haul off and stain. Some ways to save cost was to do it ourselves. We could stain on our own and save between, $400-$800 and if we haul it off we save money but don’t know where to haul it too. If the fence would be just repaired without replacing could save about half the amount. Paul can call some of the bidders to see if we can get a cheaper cost, Vanessa will call Mokan.

Landscaping: A bid from Green Acres has come in lower then other bids and has been mentioned to be the contract mower for SWPOA. Motion to approve Green Acres for SWPOA contract, Paul seconds. All in favor.


Resident requesting to replace her fence with a 5ft privacy fence for fear her dogs would jump the fence. Robert asked if she had prior consent from the architectural committee and has written documentation that she/he would be grand fathered in. But if they don’t they will have to stick to a 4ft fence. Robert asked if the board needs to make a form letter to be sent out to residents that are in clear violation and needs the repairs to be fixed with their homes! Resident has concerns with a fence coming from the angle of the front yard next to the side neighbors yard and wanted to know who gave approval for this fence. Vanessa will go back and ask questions.

Activities/social- Easter egg hunt the Sat before Easter.

Old Business- Application for the Secretary of State may need to be looked at by the Attorney . Doug will give it to Kapke.

New Business- Doug to make recommendation that Harold Nagel to be nominated to the board and Robert seconds it. Harold Nagel 7604 Pheasant ct kcmo 64139 email- phone # 913-210-3770. Motion … All in favor. Board is now full.

There are concerns regarding our sidewalks. Steve and Robert made concerns with crumbling of curbs, driveways and sidewalks. Thought it might be good idea to have a couple of board members go to a city council meeting to voice their concerns. Pal; made a motion for some board members to take action to the city and try to get city repairs on our sidewalks, Harold second it. All in favor.

Next meeting is May 9, 2017

Motion to adjourn, Doug second. All in favor.

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