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May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Summit Wood Property Owners Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2017


SWPOA meeting was called to order at 7:06pm on Tuesday 5/9/2017, at TMC Lakewood Campus in the 1st floor community room.

Board Members Present:

Attendance - Robert Rives, Sandy Landau, Vanessa Dale, Paul Brooks, Jessie Hayles, Harold Nagel, Doug McCrary, Steve Chess, and guest: Vernon Allen

Approval of Minutes:

April Meeting minutes approved by Paul Brooks, motion; Doug, second

**Approval pending accurate attendance amended to April meeting minutes.

Board Updates:

Mel has resigned, effective 4/26/2017. Robert sent his regards and thanked her for her efforts.

Report back from attorney review of basins: One belongs to a fictitious name “Strother Investment Properties” the other belongs to “Summit Peak Development Company”. SWPOA is not responsible for maintenance and upkeep of those properties. Robert will scan letter to all board members and the document will be loaded onto new website once launched - (see letter for further details).

Treasurer Report:

Checking balance as of 4/28 - $27,924.63

Savings Balance as of 4/28 - $25,521.36

Vanessa presented sample QuickBooks report, still has a few details to modify, but it’s getting better. Report shows $32,099.40 in total outstanding POA dues. Discussed placing lien on all properties that are 3 years delinquent, consider lawsuit after 5 years for maximum collection potential. Jessie will help identify which of these properties already have liens placed and date of placement. Dean suggested option of outsourcing through a collection agency.

Discussion re: how to handle late fees vs. convenience fee as the board has been inconsistent with enforcing the collection of those. Consider emphasizing this enforcement for 2018 dues, possibly send invoice with annual letter this fall.

Invoices include:

  • Green Acres $1,580

  • KC Water $49.43

  • Monument water $20.05

  • KCP&L $60.34

  • Vanessa reimbursement $21

  • Administrator $293.75

  • Allie reimbursement $107.22

Dean Allen voices concern over Vanessa holding current position and assuming administrator duties and compensation. Robert supports reimbursement for extensive efforts and time that Vanessa has committed to the benefit of the association. Options discussed. Vanessa requesting to resign from current board position.


Cover is off. Only 3 tiles need repair. Plumbing is good to go. City inspection tentative date 5/16/2017. Doug is requesting help on 5/25 to put pool furniture out before opening weekend. Dwight is helping to activate cards. Received dues from one associate home, fee accepted and card activated.

Doug working on capital expense plan for future repairs of pool properties (ie: parking lot maintenance, roof of pool house etc). Original cost of pool roughly $124,000 in 2007.


Paul received 3 bids last month for replacement of wooden fence near pool parking lot. MoJo $4270, Elite $4150, and MoKan $4480. Discussion last month prompted second bid for repair vs. replacement. Two of the companies declined to bid, the third company told him it would be more expensive due to the labor involved. Sandy suggested looking into claiming on insurance since most recent fence damage was related to storms from 3/6/2017. Sandy will call insurance company to follow up.


Monuments look good. Fresh mulch. Tracking budget as current invoice seems high, Steve will closely monitor.


Don not present. Vanessa reports nothing pending.


Easter egg hunt was huge, great turnout.

Allie out of town for Memorial Day pool opening weekend, but is planning event for the following weekend, 6/3. Garage Sale weekend also weekend of 6/3.


Website is still ready to launch, awaiting credit/debit card. Doug reports the bank would not allow him to access the application. Robert has not yet requested the application, agrees to do so soon. Leah is prepared to go-live with website when we get the info to her. Harold requesting that we make it known the go-live date, as we agreed to a 3-year term with website.

Secretary of State:

Dean – believes as a non-profit we are not required to file taxes

Robert – acknowledges that we need certificate of tax clearance prior to reinstating

Paul – believes we must file, but shouldn’t have to pay

Much discussion, Doug agrees to address this situation with attorneys for advice on how to proceed.

New Business:

Sandy motion to appoint Vanessa as interim Administrator, Doug seconds.

Vanessa asked Dean about a Special Meeting letter she found from 2013 – he states the meeting did not happen for lack of attendance.

Next meeting June 13, 2017

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm

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