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December 2020 Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2020


Virtual Meeting began at 7:10pm

Attendance includes: Jessie Hayles, Steve Chess, Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Patrisha Dobbins, Jackie Griffin, Dave Reyburn, Paul Brooks, Crystal Page

Approval of Minutes:

November Minutes reviewed and approved as written

Administrator Report:

Lot 87, non-member wants to join – Vanessa to follow up with joinder

15 lots past due, 3 of them over 3 years past-due

Outstanding dues total $6,264.40

City of KC – invoice forwarded from Robert Rives re: pool permits, Vanessa to investigate. All invoices and mail should be directed to PO box.

Vanessa to retire from administrator position December 2021

2019 motion amended: 2021 dues increase by 10%, to $217.80. Dave motions to round amount down to nearest dollar moving forward. Paul seconds. All in favor.

2021 dues will be $217, invoices will be mailed soon.


See financial report for details:

Total $38,089.34

Given pandemic situation with limited in-person meetings, all in favor for Lori to continue to sign checks in order to pay bills on time.


Cover off, awaiting arrival of new cover. Elite to install on arrival.


No updates

Architectural Review Committee:

No requests pending


Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Old Business:

Steve has not received written history from Dean - (Steve discussed several issues with “neighborhood historian” Dean Allen. Requested a detailed, written story of the history of neighborhood development. Why and how we have some of the inconsistencies)

No updates from previous retention pond discussion – (City of KC vs SWPOA in regards to retention ponds. At one-point, years ago, SWPOA was given the opportunity to sign a form in agreeance to maintain ponds upon completion of phases 4 & 5. However, SWPOA did not sign in agreement, this covenant disappeared with Spurk’s bankruptcy.

· Most recent communication between Kapke to SWPOA and City of KC, occurred approx a month ago. We have documents and email threads to support this communication. Invoice ($300) received from Kapke to review city threats.)

New Business:

Loretta Washington inquiring about decorating monuments, large tub located in pool house. Dave can help her get access if she wants to decorate.

Jackie – attempted new neighbor packets but have found this to be very hard to keep up with.

Facebook page – increased advertising for personal businesses. Discussed that will allow for now, being seasonal and right before Christmas. Further discussion to follow next month.


7:56 – Dave motion to adjourn, Paul seconds


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