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February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Opening: Meeting began at 7:04pm

Attendance includes: Vanessa King, Lori Meadors, Steve Chess, Jessie Hayles, Sandy Landau, Crystal Page, Paul BrooksGuests: Cliff Day and Dave Reyburn

Approval of Minutes: Approved January minutes.

Administrator/Treasurer Report: See financial report discussedAccount totals $45,404.92

Outstanding dues: $32,773

There are 9 properties that are more than three years delinquent, will draft letter to send prior to filing lien. Due date 3/31/19

Taxes – Plan to continue with Julia moving forward.

Discussion between Lori and Vanessa to define roles.

Lori having difficulty getting added to accounts, need signature and change PayPal to link with checking acct, rather than money market acct.

Sent out letter of invitation to non-members with option to sign a joinder.

Have had a couple of people interested.

Cliff Day – there is no joinder on file for lot 117, therefore they are listed as non-member although willing to sign joinder at some point.

Lot 135 – would like to join. Need to contact homeowner to sign/notarize joinder. Vanessa and Steve to reach out.

Lot 160 – Platinum Title check, still unknown. Assumed to be error, but unable to contact anyone to resolve. Lori to draft letter and take care of this.

Dave Reyburn in attendance, interested in joining board. Long time resident and former KCPD. All in favor, Dave welcomed as board member.

Pool: No updates. Steve questioning if multiple bids received for pool work. Elite has been great to work with, bids received and already plans in place for work to be done.

Landscaping:No updates.

Architectural Review Committee:

Cliff Day – Recently purchased foreclosed home. Presents with organized proposal for work to be done, home needing significant interior/outdoor remodeling and construction. Recommend he submit ARC form with plans for official approval.

Social/Website: Pool phone number 816-214-5234

Time to discuss planning Easter Egg Hunt.

Vanessa suggestion to give small business owners opportunity to sponsor events to off-set expenses and help promote businesses. Idea favorable, will discuss details later.

Have been approached via email for neighbors wanting mailing list – decision made for no solicitation and will not provide mailing lists.

Old Business:Secretary of State in good standing – update bank account to reflect appropriate officers.

Courtesy notification letter to be sent to delinquent homeowners.

Adjourn:8:19 - motion to adjourn by Crystal.

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